Tuesday, August 3, 2010

" I'm up on the tightwire, one side's ice and one is fire...its a circus game...one side's hate and one is hope...a comedy of errors and i'm falling..." Tightrope by Leon Russell

yes, another comedy of errors. my endo's office finally called. the nurse said that they had received the reports, except for my two blood work reports.( one of those was faxed twice- i know because i was there when the hospital lab  faxed it the second time). i asked my doctors nurse if the doctor would be calling me back today with any results. she said no, they were too busy!! the doctor is supposed to call me back first thing in the morning,though.

also, i had to call the hospital lab and ask them to try to locate my blood work. luckily, i have kept all of the orders, and any paper work that i could get my hands on. i had my patient ID # to give them,and i am to call them back in about 30 minutes. i gave them my doctors new fax number, again. i am not so worried about the blood work,though. as i said, the thyroglobulin test that they did not include the test for antibodies, so it is really not that reliable. the presence of thyroglobulin would indicate thyroid cancer cells somewhere else in my body, but since 25% of the population, mostly women, make antibodies against our own thyroglobulin, if you do not test for the antibodies, you will probably get a false negative.

i have been a little crazy today, with worry, so sorry that this is not more uplifting. i will be o.k. though. tomorrow my husband is off, so tomorrow is probably a better time to get results, even-hopefully- if they are good ones. i am just ready to get some answers so that i can plan my strategy  or whatever, and move on to the next step in this process. my advice to anyone going through this, is keep every shred of paperwork that you can get your hands on- just in case. follow up with phone calls. i know that  i am not the only patient my doctor has to take care of, and i know i have to be responsible for my own health care. her nurse probably thinks that i am a royal pain in the you-know-where, well, i know she thinks that!! lol

i will let everyone know sometime tomorrow how things turned out.:)


  1. your comedy of errors saga is so aggravating! Keep up the good work in tracking down an answer, kudos to you! Keep us posted please!

  2. I have been through so much of that --there is no excuse that they are not calling you back....good for you keeping on them....