Wednesday, August 25, 2010

" And girls they wanna have fun, Woah, girls just wanna have fun.....That's all they really want, some fun. When the workin' day is done, Oh, girls they wanna have fun." Girls just want to have fun ( Cyndi Lauper)

today was my only day off this week( i work the weekend), so i decided to make it a fun day. i got an email from another thyroid cancer patient, and she said that on her doctor appointment days, she plans a really fun day. she eats out at a nice restaurant, and has "retail therapy". i love that term. i am a firm believer in retain therapy! so today, i started out with a few light chores, then i had my retail therapy. i went to a near by town for some shopping. i went to my favorite women's clothing store( all of the sales associates there  know my name!) and picked out a few things. i also went grocery shopping. some people hate to go grocery shopping, but i love it. i go to a mostly organic foods  store called Earth Fare, and i love to look at all of the produce and the unusual products they sell. did you know that you can buy almost anything "organic". they even have organic soft drinks. amazing.

after my retail therapy, i went back home for some zumba therapy. i had a blast again; i think i may have even enjoyed it more this time. i was able to do a little bit more of the routines. of course, they have one move called the "destroyer". it is not one of my favorites. even when i was in my 20's i do not think that my midsection moved like those instructors on the video. this work out is great for your abs, booty, and hips. just what i need! i have only done the first DVD. there are four- i think that you may need to get the basic moves down first before moving on. i have not used the toning sticks yet.( those are for the toning video). i shake them every once in a while when i pass the coffee table. lol

i may also do some spa therapy before i go to bed tonight. i have bought some new nail polish called " stroke of midnight" hahahahah.  i always paint my toenails, but i do not paint my fingernails. i keep my fingernails short, because of my work.  i wash my hands so much, nail polish tends to come right off in no time. but this one time i may just paint my nails with the stroke of midnight birthday is this weekend and i need to do something to celebrate(birthdays are really important to me now!). i am bringing cupcakes to work on Sunday. devils food  cupcakes with a coconut cream cheese frosting. i have never put those two together, but hey, what the heck. it sounds like fun to me.


  1. I have at least 4 appointments in the month of September. I think I'll adopt that policy of treating myself really well on those days. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend -- and happy birthday. :)


  2. Blessings to you on this remarkable birthday because now you don't take them for granted!
    God bless you real good, and enjoy those nails!