Friday, August 20, 2010

" Everybody get on the floor, let's dance! Don't fight your feelings, give yourself a chance. Shake,shake,shake,shake,shake,shake, shake your booty! shake your booty!!" KC and the Sunshine Band ( Shake your booty)

at the first of this month, after paying my bills, i had a little extra money. i decided to treat myself with a small gift and narrowed it down to two very different things. my daughter is crazy about zumba classes. she goes at least two times a week, and has a blast. i happened to be channel surfing in TV wasteland the other day , and came across the Zumba infomercial. first of all, i am pretty " sensitive" to infomercials. if i start watching one, it is pretty much all over for me. the good thing is that i do not order these " info products"  directly on line or by phone because (luckily) i am afraid of giving out my credit/debit card numbers. no, i will patiently wait until the wonderful new product comes out in the " as seen on TV" section of ( usually) Walmart.

the zumba DVD looked like so much fun! everyone was laughing and having a great time. and talk about those abs! wow, could mine look like those some day? probably not, i have had two children and the last one was by c-section. i think that this would be a fun work out,though and would help me get some more of my strength back. i have lost about 25 pounds during my whole adventure- since i found  out about my cancer back in April. i lost most of the weight on the LID. i believe that  you can lose about 50 pounds in a couple of weeks if you follow that diet!   ( i think that  Chelsea Clinton  must have used this diet to get ready for her wedding! lol) i do not want to gain any of the weight back, and frankly having lost my thyroid, i am worried about weight gain anyway.

that brings us to the second choice. a beautiful, Cuisinart ice cream maker! you can have ice cream in 20 minutes with this baby! just keep the bowl in the freezer and you are ready to go. i have a weakness for ice cream ( it was NOT on the Low iodine diet). i could even ( it might happen) make something low in fat, or fat free( probably not going to happen). sooooooooooooooo, i checked now,  i am not afraid of giving my debit card number. usually i order books or music, but occasionally i will order something else. turns out, they had both of these products! what now?? in the end,no pun intended, the healthy choice won out.hey, the zumba DVD even came with " toning sticks"! i will have to admit,though, that i have not "zumba-ed" yet. the kit is sitting on my coffee table looking at me. and all i want to do is have a big bowl of ice cream.


  1. i love zumba! i love ice cream! the two arent mutually exclusive! i cant wait to try out the zumba video with you in a couple weeks. zumba has given me awesome, albeit not readily apparent, abs. ice cream must be the reason that they are not readily apparent! hehe.

  2. Well, if you do the zumba dvd can't you reward yourself with a bowl of ice cream? I was off meds for seven weeks waiting for RAI. I gained about 10 lbs. Still working on losing it. I can't blame the LID diet, because other than a lack of dairy, it was pretty close to how we eat normally.

    Let us know how the zumba goes. I may give it a try.