Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Whoohoo, i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

i am so glad to be connected again!! we got a wireless service internet, and just got it going last night. we still have some work to do- we need to hook up the wireless router so that we can move the computer out of my daughters bathroom. yes, bathroom. when it comes to reception at my house, think of that commercial where the man is contorted like a pretzel trying to get some reception on his cell phone. that, my friends, is what it is like at my house! hopefully, we can get this thing up and running a little more effectively. in the meanwhile, i am typing and keeping my fingers crossed( that i do not lose the signal)

as most of you know, we are in the middle of a major house remodeling project. i was talking to one of the construction workers yesterday. he was the only brave soul to get out yesterday- it was sleeting and snowing a bit. it was really cold- especially compared to the warm weather we have had lately.  i was in the kitchen making some tea, and he was working on the wiring for my dryer that will be moved to my pantry. i was telling him that my husband and i would be out of town wednesday and thursday because i had a doctors appointment and ultrasound on thursday. normally i would have left it at that, but for some reason i also told him that i am a thyroid cancer patient. he said "did i hear you say, a THYROID cancer patient?" i said yes, fully expecting him to ask me where my thyroid was or something like that.( believe it or not, some people have asked me that. i even had one person say, well, i did not know you could have cancer there! i did not know how to answer that one.) instead, he told me that he had thyroid cancer back in 2007! from that point, it was on! we showed off our neck scars and talked about our experiences.

his case was very interesting. he is an Vietnam veteran, and was exposed to agent orange. the doctors told him that they could not prove this, but they think that the agent orange triggered his thyroid cancer. i have not read any statistics about agent orange and thyroid cancer, but it makes sense to me. i am going to try to do some research on this. of course, this did not cause my thyroid cancer- i will probably never know the answer to that question. but my goal now, is to live as healthily as possible, and to look forward, and of course, live a good  and happy life.

i went to zumba last night. i can not wait to tell my children( they are grown and married, but will still always be my children) that i am going to be a part of a zumba flash mob! we are going to perform  at an art gallery. i love to keep my children guessing! i like it when they say, i wonder what mom is up to now? i am a little nervous about performing zumba in front of people that i do not know. they will be surprised, pleasantly, i hope. but it should be fun, and it is good to try new things. i really do not want to be on youtube,however.....

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  1. Ahhhhh no youtube? Seriously, it sounds like fun. I wondered where you were. I check in every couple of days. I bet you'll sure be glad when the remodel is finished. It sounds like you are doing well. Good luck on the scan. I hope you get a clean one.
    Take care,