Monday, March 7, 2011

"its not how fast, it's not how far" a song from the movie Secretariat

i really wish i had the lyrics to this song! i saw the movie this weekend, and thought that it was great. i do not ride horses, but i do admire them. i am a little bit scared of them- after all, they are HUGE. and i have had  two sort of "run ins" with horses. one time, a horse bit the button off of my coat- while i was standing there trying to pet him. another time, our neighbors horses just sort of ran free ( that should tell you how far out in the boonies i am) and one of the horses- his name was romeo, would eat the flowers in my flower garden. if i tried to chase him away, he chased me back into the house! i do have a picture of the "two of us" that my husband took. i look a little nervous in the picture, he looks a little mischievous.

anyway, we  knew how the movie turned out, but there my husband and i were, cheering secretariat on like it was an actual race or something. i do like the idea that everyone has their own race to run. and it is not how fast or how far we run. the fact that we are trying to get there, trying our best and living each day with as much joy as we can.that is what really matters.

i know this will come as a shock, but i was just too tired to go to Zumba tonight. it is the first time that i have missed it ( remember, i went right after both of my skin cancer surgeries, and again  with a broken toe). but tonight i was just worn completely out! i worked all weekend, and my salivary glands/jaw has given me a fit all weekend. i surely wish i knew if there was anything i could do to prevent this! it got really swollen- people at work noticed it, hot to the touch,etc. i drank lots of water, sucked on lemon candy, and massaged my jaw when i could. i finally broke down and took some advil. it really does help, but of course i do not want to take it everyday. this is a small issue compared to the big picture , i know. perhaps it will resolve itself at some point. my ENT doctor had no idea how long i would have trouble with this. it seems that everyone( yes, i am a member of this club) who got a whopper I-131 dose is more likely to have trouble with this. if anyone has any further ideas, please let me know! of course i will ask my endo about it the end of this month.

about my old endo. i have decided that i do not want to lose her completely. if she agrees to this, i will ask her if i can see the papillary cancer specialist for a time, then hopefully the new doctor will decide that i can go back to my old endo. two endos are better than one,right? right now, though, i think that i could gain a little more peace of mind with the specialist. after i have been in remission for a few years( i sure hope!) then i can go back to my old endo. well, that is the plan. we will see how it goes.


  1. I also watched Secretariat this weekend!I've had the DVD since January but evidently was savoring it for a special day, which so happened, was my 50th birthday on Sunday when I watched it.My family gave me a pizza party on Saturday! Great just having everyone here. The simple pleasures are the best!

    I have two horses so I do love them,always have, but I can understand why people might be fearful if they don't understand them. My daughter-in-law is fearful of my two horses but her family raised cows and she's not afraid of them. I find that hilarious, because I was chased by a bull once so I'm not very fond of cows, well, bulls.

    I also love that song in Secretariat. I hadn't heard it before.I was happy that it was such a good movie on many levels.

    My endo is both my diabetes(Type 1) and thy/thyca dr.We don't have many choices within 100 miles,she's 60 miles away.I've been with her for 11 years now.

    It's great you are able to find a papillary cancer specialist.I have a neck ultrasound on the 16th.Hopefully it'll be clear.

  2. first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! and i loved that movie, even if i am a little bit frightened around of my neighbors uses my closest neighbors field/barn for her three horses, and i feed them carrots sometimes. they are really big! but seem nice, otherwise. hope your test turns out well! take care. ( and yes, the simple pleasures are the best. my favorite times are those that bring all my family together, which is difficult now, since both of my children are married)