Monday, March 14, 2011

The totally true story of "Mr. Sticky"

as some of you might know, we are doing a major remodeling project on our home. today, they tore out the floor and dug  about three feet down  in yet another room- this one that is closest to where my husband and i now "call home". i am  scheduled to work the 12 to 9 shift today and tomorrow. when i work the evening shift, i have to deal with the banging,etc, that goes along with home demolition.( they start work at about 7:30, so no extra sleep for me!) they are doing a great job- they are really nice people, but it is a little unnerving to hear/see your house being  destroyed- even if it is what you wanted, and you know that things will look better before too long.

so, i got ready for work  pretty fast, and decided to do a little shopping before i went in to work. i went to a department store, and started looking around. i had only been there a few minutes before i heard an announcement over the intercom:" Attention shoppers, if you will hurry on over to the flashing light, you may be able to receive some free gifts!" o.k. free gifts? usually strings are attached, but i had the time, so i hurried on over. there were only 3 other women besides me, but the woman doing the demonstration acted like we were the "chosen ones". she said, since you have your tickets already, you will be the only four people receiving this free gift!. the woman beside me looked in her hands for a ticket( i swear), but i told her not to worry, because we were the ONLY FOUR PEOPLE in the entire store- well, if you did not count the sales staff.

our free gifts were very small microfiber cloths used to clean eye glasses. i noticed that only 50% of us actually wore glasses( i use  mine for reading), but free is free. then, the sales lady said" well, now, what comes after the number one? since i knew the answer, she gave me yet another microfiber cloth.oh, goodie!

then here comes the sales pitch: she was selling this wonderful product, not sold in stores( oh, no, i knew i needed to run. remember when i blogged that i was a sucker for "as seen on t.v. stuff"?)but today only we could buy it in the store. she asked us if we ever used lint brushes. of course we all do. she showed us what lint brushes would do, or rather not do, then proceeded to (drum roll here) whip out "Mr. Sticky"!! now Mr. Sticky is able to pick up just about anything- lint,hair,kitty litter- she demonstrated all of that. then she washed Mr. Sticky- that is how you clean it. she made us all touch it before and after it was cleaned. i was hoping that i had extra hand gel in the car.

of course, as in all good " as seen on t.v. products", there came the line, BUT WAIT, if you purchase Mr. Sticky today, you will also receive a pocketbook size and the large size( i was wondering what you could use the large size for- it has a telescoping handle.she said it would be useful to remove "stuff" from the ceiling. wow, what stuff? Mr. Sticky is really sticky, by the way. you could probably remove a small animal from the ceiling with that thing.

there is no inspirational message to this blog. of course i brought "Mr. Sticky" home with me- to the delight of the sales person.  another woman bought one as well. how well " Mr. Sticky" does is any one's guess, but i can sure laugh at myself. which is a good thing, i think. although tomorrow,instead of going shopping , i believe i should go to the library before work.


  1. You could use Mr. Sticky to clean up the dust that the workmen leave behind maybe? Have a great week Bea.

  2. what a great idea; what a silly blog! hope you have a great week,too Karen. thanks!

  3. Had to laugh over your rendition of Mr Sticky. I fell for him too a few months ago and have only used him once!! Guess it's time to whip him out of the closet and see what he can do. Maybe I'll try it on the dog, she'll love it.
    Thanks for the laugh!!

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