Saturday, April 2, 2011

" So we back in the club, get that bodies rocking from side to side, side to side. Thank God the week is done, feel like a zombie gone back to life, back to life. Hands up, suddenly, we got our hands, up, no control of my body. ....So dance, dance like it's the last, last night of your life, life gonna get you right. " DJ got us falling in love , by Usher

i have just returned from raleigh, and my endocrinologists office where i had my ultrasound and an office visit. things went pretty well, i think. my ultrasound was clear- no aliens growing  in there or anything. i did have to have a lot of blood drawn though- my endo is checking my thyroglobulins, and also my calcium among other things. remember i only have two little parathyroids working for me now. my calcium was low the last time that i had it checked, so we have to keep an eye on that. i asked my doctor if she knew where the surgeon put my remaining two parathyroids. he would not tell me( ?) but i just wanted to know an approximate location. my endo said that the surgeons usually "chop them up", sounds painful, and place them in the muscular tissue in your neck. i wonder if that is why i felt like i had swallowed a sock right after my surgery? anyway, by the parathyroids being in the muscular tissue, they can (hopefully) get some blood flow from that tissue and reattach. i swear, this reminds me of those birds- i think they are mockingbirds- who lay their eggs in another birds nest and let them take care of them. i hope my parathyroids are getting good care from my muscle tissue!! lol

also, i talked to my endocrinologist about seeing the papillary cancer specialist. she was just fine with this. she said that the other doctor would be doing my full body scan( some time this summer), and she would work with this doctor and share information. also, i found out that there is a doctor who works with the cancer specialist, who is a parathyroid specialist. depending on my blood work, i may need this guy's help. anyway, it is all good. i see the papillary cancer specialist april 18th, and i will of course let everyone know how that went. i have another ultrasound scheduled with my endo in september. wow, i hope that i can keep up with all of these doctors.

on an interesting note, i was in a zumba  flash mob last night! imagine this: the scene is a crowed art crawl in university art center. everyone is enjoying the art work- pictures, sculptures, as well as some unusual performance art( one "performance" was a guy in a beekeepers suit dropping tons of apples on the floor! try dancing around that!). our instructor turned on the music( DJ got us falling in love- some of the lyrics are in the title) and she starts dancing. then, the rest of us gradually join in! we are wearing all black, and i think look pretty cool. it was a little hard to dance with the people, art work, and those darn apples still rolling on the floor, but it was so much fun! there were a lot of video cameras there, and someone said that we would be on the local TV station. oh, brother- i sure hope they focus on our instructor, which they probably will. anyway, you gotta dance like it is the last night of your life. you should always do that, i think.

i am doing two blogs today- the one following this one was written by my friend, wendy. she is another thyroid cancer patient, and we have a really exciting project coming up soon. i will be letting everyone know about it when we launch our project. her article is about some things that you can do that would be helpful and appreciated by cancer patients- especially when they are going through surgery and/or treatments.

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