Thursday, February 23, 2012

a quick thank you and an update....

first and most importantly, i would like to thank my wonderful son-in-law, who helped get me started blogging, for the overhaul on my blog. he is a wizard, i think- of course it could have something to do with the fact that he is a computer software engineer, on the computer. we had our heads together discussing how i wanted my blog to look, what i wanted my wallpaper to look like, what pictures i wanted to include,etc. his fingers just flew over the keys. did you know that each color has its own number/letter sequence? wow, i would like to say that i learned a lot, but i just gave some input/feedback, and he did the rest. thanks,sweetie- you are the best!

my friend that i told you about in an earlier blog, the one with the untreated thyroid disorder, finally got an appointment with an endocrinologist. she found out that she has nodules,too. they are small, but the doctor says that one of them looks "suspicious". getting that news gave me the chills! i am encouraging her to get a biopsy, of course ,when she goes back to the doctor next week. i am not sure why the doctor did not prescribe some thyroid hormone for her- maybe he will when she goes back. i told her that i would do my best to get her in to see the doctor that my daughter and i see if she is not pleased with the treatment she is receiving now. this just seems scary to me. i would give,( while not anything) , pretty much, to have caught my cancer earlier. it is hard to second guess things, and i try to remind myself of this fact. i have had one good scan- cancer free that is, last the end of  next month, i am due for another ultrasound and more blood work. i love/hate the tests! i dread having to go through having them, but on the other hand, i want to know how i am doing. no more hoping, wishing, etc, that things will  get better on their own. i now take the bull by the horns, so to speak.

so, i am hoping that the next blog that i write will be about my triumphant return to zumba class! my knee is still not ready, but i am hoping that it will be healed up enough and  soon. i think that my belly scarves are getting dusty in the closet. along with my dance shoes and exercise clothes. will everything still fit? will my knee let me down again, or will i energetically dance across the floor( with modified moves- no knee twisty things). stay tuned for the adventures of "zumba grandma". hopefully, coming soon to the wellness center.......

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