Monday, April 11, 2011

"Hello,hello baby you called? I can't hear a thing. I have got no service in the club,you see, you see. Wha-wha,what did you say,huh? You're breaking up on me. Sorry, i cannot hear you, I'm kinda busy, kinda busy.......Call all you want, but there's no one home, and you're not going to reach my telephone. We're sorry, but the number you have reached is not in service at this time. please check the number, and try your call again later. " Telephone, by Lady GaGa

o.k. i had blood work done on march 31st. i went in for an ultrasound( it was good they said) and a doctor's visit. while i was there, the doctor sent me down to the lab for some blood work. as i said in my face book page, if they need both hands to carry all of the tubes they need to collect, well- you are in trouble. the med tech was good at her job though, and my one good vein hung in there until it was all collected.

time passes. no word from my doctor's office. since it has been a little more than 10 days, i decide to call about my results. i am not particularly worried- the doctor would call if something was wrong, right? so i have to leave a message with the receptionist. she said- oh, the doctor will call you back. uh-oh. one rule we all live by is that when they say that the doctor has to call you back, it is not very good news. if the nurse calls, it is usually fine. no calls from the doctor. so i call the office back- she says this time that the nurse will call me back. maybe the receptionist just mis-spoke and  the the news is not that bad? this morning, i called the nurse back, yet again, and she said- oh, my thyroglobulin test came back a 2. a 2????? it is supposed to be zero, or close to it at least. and a 2?  a two what? a 2.0 on the scale for earth quakes? a t-2 tornado? when i quizzed her on this, she said that the doctor would call me back. guess who has not heard from the doctor yet.

i see a papillary thyroid cancer specialist a week from today. she practices at duke hospital in durham. i called her office, even though she has not seen me as yet. she has all of my records-biopsy,pathology reports,etc, and also the last questionable blood work that i had done in march. i asked( more like begged) her receptionist if she could answer a few question. she said, sure, the doctor will call you back. is that like " the check is in the mail"? am i on some big "NO CALL LIST" and just do not know about it yet?

i had to go home early from work today. the discussion i had with the nurse reminded me of the day that i got the bad news about my thyroid cancer. i was at work then, too. maybe i am just worrying about this too much. maybe it is not a big deal. what is another round of I-131 among friends? anyway, i can not help but worry and i can not find any web site that has any sort of reasonable thyroglobulin test result numbers. there is quite a large variation, from what i can tell. and one site suggested a pre-treatment level be drawn for comparison. ( gee,  wish i had known about that earlier)'

i will of course keep everyone informed about my situation. and by the way, no matter how you feel about Lady GaGa and her wild outfits, her music is great for Zumba.


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  2. hi Bea, I'm so sorry to hear how they're treating you! This system of waiting for results is so cruel! I'll be praying for you, keep us posted!! You are strong, you'll get through this!!!

  3. The waiting is so hard. I'm sorry.