Thursday, January 13, 2011

"seven days without Zumba, makes one weak!!" as the saying goes...

yes, i have been snowed in,too. well, i had to go to work- i rode with my husband, but  we got to close up a little early two days because of all of the snow and ice. i have noticed that people, in general, and we are not calling names here, have been more "testy" due to the weather. o.k., i have just discovered that i am grumpy without my Zumba. ha, i said it! i really miss the exercise and i am concerned about when i go back. will i be able to keep up? it has only been a week, i know, and i can still pick up my dogs' water bowl, but after starting to feel so good, i really miss those endorphins! i plan to go this saturday, weather permitting, and as a bonus, my daughter will be visiting this week-end, and we are planning on going together.(whoops, i think that was a run-on sentence. my daughter is an english teacher. sorry, sweetie!)  i can not wait! now, she is the Zumba queen. she is going to take the instructor class next month. she has been practicing for it, but i know that she will do great. she is a teacher anyway, so it will be a good way to make a little extra income doing something that she loves.

it is fortuitous for me  that i work in a pharmacy. sometimes i get depressed about having had cancer. is it really, really gone? is that ache in my back something more serious than i think? i am still bothered by the "salivary gland issue", as i call it. i can handle it, but i wish that  i did not have to. but then, just as i start to feel sorry for myself, here comes someone with something far worse to deal with than i have. it really puts things in perspective for me." just do the best that you can, and enjoy your life. don't sweat the small stuff". i keep reminding myself of these things so that i can live a better, happier life. it is a daily struggle, especially on these cold, winter days with no Zumba in sight, but it is better than the alternative.

each day i try to find something, large or small to be thankful for. well, today at work there was a small boy in a shopping cart crying his eyes out. i mean, he was practically screaming! and he and his mother were in the BACK of the line. i buy bags of dum-dum suckers to give out to the children. usually, the darn cashiers beat me to it, but today, and i will admit it was somewhat for my own sanity- i did mention he was at the BACK of the line didn't i? i grabbed up a blue one( the boys like the blue ones- maybe they are programmed at birth from all of the blue stuff they have to wear,etc.) and hot footed it to the back of the line. i handed him the sucker( after i asked his mother if he could have it, of course) . she gratefully said yes. but the very best thing was the great big smile that he gave me. he stopped crying and we both had a better day. here's to everyone having a better day. i am tired of the snow, and i want my Zumba back!!


  1. Sorry you have been missing Zumba, but you are getting some really lousy weather aren't you? You might consider a zumba dvd for when the weather is bad. I know that doesn't help right now, but maybe next time the weather gets horrible. We are just dealing with rain and or fog every day.

    Next week on Friday is my whole body scan, so have been doing the LID this week and next week.

    Thanks for the positive outlook you always seem to have. It helps the rest of us dealing with these issues too.

  2. good luck on your scan!! the LID diet is a challenge, isn't it? anything to make the test more accurate,though. please let me know how things go. and again, thanks for your kind comments.

  3. Thanks Bea. Problems today with the parotid salivary gland. Also today I get the first thyrogen shot. Did you get to Zumba yet?

  4. yes, my daughter and i went to Zumba this past saturday, and i am planning on going wednesday, if it does not snow. it is snowing now- even as we speak! so you are having problems with your parotids,too? did you try sour candy, massage, and extra water? it really does help. the first time i had trouble, i did not know what it was, as i said, and so it got pretty far along before i could do anything about it. i keep sour lemon candy at work, and always take extra water. of course, i can only do the massage on my lunch break- no time at work. besides, i would look sort of stupid to the customers, i think! good luck again, and keep me updated!!

  5. Have been doing massage and lemon drops. It seems to have stopped it before it got too bad.