Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Chunky,chunky,...i like them chunky, i like them big. i like them chunky, i like them big, i like them plumpy,....i like they attitude, i like they style, girl i like your big...What you say??!! your big ol' heart. it's all in the way she moves." Big and Chunky, by Will I Am.

you might not believe it, but this is our favorite song in Zumba class!! especially when you consider that most of us are there to get a little less chunky.there is something special  about dancing to a song a hippopotamus sang...the music is so upbeat, and the dance moves our instructor came up with are fun to do as well. we have a twenty minute class after Zumba, taught by the same instructor, called " Ab lab". i sure could use a few labs for my abs( my second baby was by c-section) so last night i did it! i had an hour of Zumba, then somehow managed to do an intense 20 minute session of Ab Lab. i was feeling like super woman all the way until i got home. then, i felt more like " Lois LAME". i had to hobble out of the car, straight into the house for a pretty big dose of Advil!! wow, what was i thinking? today i was pretty sore,too. whenever i dropped something on the floor, i just sort of kicked it under the counter. oh, well, we'll find it sooner or later. i am going to continue the ab lab class,though. i will just need to take some Advil with me for the ride home LOL.

we have a larger class now that the "new years resolution people" have arrived. the other regulars have told me not to worry- in a few weeks, it will be thinned out a little.that is one reason that i try not to make any New Year resolutions. i think that it is wonderful to take stock of your life- where you have been, where you need to be,etc. but i think that major life changes should not be decided by some date on the calendar. this new years eve ( after i got off work) i just took a few minutes to be thankful.thankful for being cancer free( hopefully!), thankful for all of the support and love from my family and friends, and yes thankful for this blog. i have met so many wonderful people and shared so many experiences. we have helped each other, and for that, i am grateful.

oh, and yes, i am truly thankful for Zumba. it is great to dance to a song made famous by a dancing hippopotamus! seriously, i am glad to have found an exercise program that i can actually stick to. it has given me some of my strength and endurance back. i sincerely hope that all of you reading this blog can find some special thing- be it an exercise class, a hobby,etc, that will give you joy and hope  in this new year.


  1. I may be looking in to a local Zumba class. You make it sound so fun. I have a challenge going with a friend of mine. We are each planning to walk at least 365 miles in 2011.

    Wishing you a very happy New Year.

  2. i hope you find a good zumba class-if you get a good instructor, you will be hooked- i promise. 365 miles in 2011!! wow, i am impressed! good luck to you both.