Sunday, January 2, 2011

"the heart is a bloom, shoots up through the stony thought that you had found a friend, to take you out of this place; someone you could lend a hand, in return for grace; it's a beautiful day, don't let it get away. ...What you don't have, you don't need it now, what you don't know, you can feel somehow." Beautiful day, by U-2

i like to remind myself of the phrase in this song" it's a beautiful day, don't let it get away." sometimes i get the the feeling that i have wasted a few days in my life. not that i expect every day to be perfect now, but i try to find at least ONE good thing to be happy about, and thankful for.

i worked this week-end, including new years eve and new years day. we were so busy! and today, i actually thought that i was working in "McPharmacy". for those of you who have not visited this site on YouTube, you should. it is funny, and i am afraid that as incredible as it may seem, i( and most everyone else i know who works in a pharmacy) have encountered these exact same scenarios in real life. along with the "challenges" of this week-end, i was dealing with the salivary gland issue again. of course, i know what to do to keep it from getting too bad. but picture this, i was working and trying to massage my jaw area, eat sour candy, and drink a ton of water- all at the same time! just how long i will be dealing with this is unknown- to both myself and my doctor. i hope that this is the only problem that i will encounter which was caused by the I-131 treatment. oh, well, i can deal with it. i told a fellow thyroid cancer patient, who had her I-131 treatment about the same time as i had mine, about this possible side effect. of course, not everyone will have this happen to them, but it is good to know about. i spent several anxious days worrying that it was a lymph node" gone bad", before i found out what had caused the swelling,pain,etc,

i am not a "doom and gloom" person by any means, but i would like to know if anyone out there had any after effects from their I-131 treatment. i like to know things and be prepared. i mean, i would like to know if there  is a chance of my hair turning purple, growing an extra ear, or anything like that. i can not find too much info about AFTER  you have the I-131 treatment. i would do it again, no question, but it would be interesting to know how other people made out, so to speak.

tomorrow is my husbands birthday. we are going to go to the wellness center( so we can eat homemade German chocolate birthday cake without too much guilt!). i asked him if he would like to do something special tomorrow, but he said  that spending the day with me would be special enough.isn't that sweet? what a beautiful day!


  1. Hi Bea! Your salivary gland issue sounds just like mine, and it doesn't help when your dr says only 5% get this problem. I've had the swelling/pain for several months & just noticed it disappeared while on vacation in Mexico last month! Go figure... maybe that's the secret... plenty of rest and great food? The relief lasted a couple of weeks but flared up again after eating some chocolate a few days ago. Drat! I'm so thankful for the tips you shared, they really do help!
    Did you receive the list of possible side effects before you had the I-131? It was awful.
    I like your song choice, perfect for starting the new year!

  2. vacation in mexico??? get out of here! good for you. maybe it was all of the limes in those delicious drinks! i have the feeling that this little problem will be with me for some time. if i can get to the massage,sour candy, extra water at the beginning, i am o.k.( hard to do when i am at work,though) if not, it can get pretty painful, pretty fast. sorry you have to deal with it, but good not know that i am not alone! hope you are having a good new year, and thanks for your support!!

  3. good to know, actually. i am not sure where the "not" came from!