Friday, September 10, 2010

i know, i know,... i'll keep my day job!

when i was first diagnosed with cancer, there was not much to laugh about. i would rather laugh than cry, but i  will admit that i was doing much more crying than laughing.then,   i came across this Megan Stendebach, a thyroid cancer survivor, has "redone" some popular songs and given them thyroid lyrics. her website was mentioned in "The  Thyroid Cancer Book, "by Sara Rosenthal. i read a few of those songs, and had the first out and out belly laugh i had had  since i had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. i especially like " My God, I'm, a Hypo Boy!" sung to the tune of one of John Denver's songs. she is so funny, and right on with her lyrics. you should really check it out. so, today, in honor of the month of September being " Thyroid Cancer awareness month" i have made a feeble attempt of my own. this is also to honor Megan, and the great job she has done in making many, many thyroid cancer patients laugh a little.

T: is for my thyroid, though you've left me.

H: is for my hair that's coming out.

Y: is for the yucky way i'm feeling.

R: is for the rest i'm always needing.

O: "ouch!" is what i say when blood works done.

I: is for my friend RAI( aka, I-131)

D: is for that darn scar on my neck.

put them all together, they spell "thyroid", i don't have one left, so what the heck!

i know, i should really keep my day job. happy thyroid cancer awareness month!


  1. Bea,
    Just wanted to update you on my progress. I had surgery on Sept. 10 to remove the remainder of my thyroid and my husband tells me the doctor also remove some lymph nodes and sent them to be tested. I pray the test come back ok..I am to call my oncologist tomorrow and see about starting to prepare for the RAI..not looking forward to being off my meds and being more tired than I am now.. I have caught up on your blogs now so I am up to speed..LOL.. thanks for all you do and the laughs..hope your dad is doing great.. take care..

  2. oh, thank you so much for getting back in touch with me. i have been thinking about you, and i really appreciate your comment. please take care of yourself. i hope and pray too that your lymph nodes come back negative. the ones in the front of my neck were positive, but my neck ones are o.k. for now. have you had the RAI before? if you have any questions i would be glad to help you in any way that i can. i will continue to say a little prayer for you and wish you all the best! please let me know how you are getting along. oh, my dad is doing great. his final biopsy was negative and i am thankful. thanks for asking!