Thursday, June 6, 2013

i was hoping to quote a happy song here, but no such luck. as leon russell says, "when life gives you lemons, you do what they say." does anyone have a straw?

it was a" no- go" on the tirosint. it was horribly expensive-( my insurance did not pay a dime on it)  but i could have managed that if it had not made me sick.i did not feel well as soon as i started it, but after a few doses,  i had an anaphylactic reaction and that was that.  the official line from the company is that it does not contain any sulfite preservatives. BUT , sulfur dioxide is added at the early stages and supposedly removed. surprise, boys, you obviously  did not get it all. back to the drawing board.

as i said, i do not want to take generics, so i tried getting back on my levoxyl. i had some left and thought that i would be o.k. yesterday i was so dead tired that i could not get out of bed. the company said that the product was removed " because the potency did not meet the expiration date." no joke. now what, i asked myself. some of you may think that i have gone over to the "dark side" but, i had my doctor call me in some brand name,yes , there i said it, brand name synthroid. the company that makes synthroid  would not confirm or deny that synthroid contains sulfite preservatives. an allergy website that i went to a few years ago said that it does contain them. i am off tomorrow. of course no day is a good day for an anaphylactic reaction, but i am going to give it a go. i hate to be telling all of you that i am doing this, but i have to be honest. i will of course blog if it makes  me sick, or if it works. at this point, i am willing to try about anything. i feel as tired as i felt  right after my surgery, three years ago. my tsh must have been sky high because i could not get off of the couch. nor could i remember my daughter or husbands phone numbers! that was scary. i called  my endo( once i remembered who she was) and she doubled my levoxyl dose. i have been doing pretty well until now. on the thyca website, they reported that levoxyl might be coming back, but not until 2014. jeez, i am not sure that i can hold out that long.

on the thyca website, they reported that thyroid cancer is the fastest increasing cancer in the world, and the sixth most common cancer in women. there are about 213,000 new cases of thyroid cancer worldwide each year. even though i am limited in what i can do, i am more determined than ever to raise thyroid  cancer awareness- at work, and in my blog. i think that i have helped some cancer survivors that i have met in my work, but i would really like to also help patients get treatment and diagnosis before it is too late. i read that some people think that thyroid cancer is over diagnosed. WHAT?????????!!!!! do these same people also think that breast, lung, brain,etc, cancer are over diagnosed? cancer is cancer is cancer. prevention is key, but the sooner the diagnosis is made and treatment started, the better.

so, having crossed over to the dark side, i will take my synthroid tomorrow and hope for the best. if it makes me feel better, then i will just have to deal with it. of course, i will let everyone know how this turns out.


  1. I sure hope you find a thyroid medication that works for you. It would seem to me that if you we're allergic to all the others the insurance would be forced to cover the Tirosint. You have to have something. I take Synthroid and have done well on it, but am not allergic to any of the ingredients in it. Let us know how it works for you.

    Hoping for the best,

  2. thanks karen. sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment! i wish i had an alert message when i got a comment on any of my posts! anyway, i am doing well on the synthroid and plan to remain on it despite all of the bad press it has gotten lately. as long as i am not allergic to it ( and i do not seem to be) and it works, then why not? hope you are doing well, and thanks again for your comment!