Tuesday, March 12, 2013

" you go back, jack, do it again, wheels turning 'round and ' round, you go back, jack, do it again. " steeley dan

tomorrow it is time for my six month cancer check up. my husband and i are driving down to raleigh and i have an appointment for blood work, and also an ultrasound of my neck. the ultrasound will check for goblins( aka, growths that should not be there- perhaps caused by rogue thyroid cancer cells). the blood work will be checking for thyroglobulin and thyroglobulin antibodies- two markers for thyroid cancer cells, also rogue, that may be causing mayhem somewhere else in my body. my reveal show is next week, when i have an appointment with my doctor. she will go over my results, and hopefully all we will do is schedule the repeat  tests six months from now- which will be in september.

i have ambivalent feelings about these six months check ups. of course, i am thankful that my endocrinologist keeps a close eye on things. i asked her one time if five years was a good " everything is o.k." marker. she said, " well, actually, i just had a patient come back who has had a recurrence after seven years. " bummer.  this may, i will have been in remission for three years. i guess i have a while to go before i can assume that everything is o.k. every time i have these tests, i have days of self reflection, sadness, joy, and yes, sometimes, anger. i have never asked " why me?", because in my line of work i have seen so many good people dealing with health issues much worse than i have. i guess my " anger" comes from the realization that i may not be around to see all of my grandchildren, or  enjoy time with my husband, or  support my children. i am thankful for every day that i have with them, and hopefully i will have a lot more time to be with them.

next week, after my doctor's appointment, i will blog and let everyone know how things went. until then, happy st. patricks day, and bring on spring!

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