Thursday, November 15, 2012

" i have climbed the highest mountains, i have run through the fields, only to be with you, only to be with you.,,,,but i still haven't found what i'm looking for. i still haven't found what i am looking for. " i haven't found what i am looking for, by U2

i STILL did not get to see the wizard, but i did get good news yesterday! my diagnostic mammograms on both sides were unchanged, no monsters present, i guess, so i get to go back to yearly, not bi-yearly mammograms! yippee!!! perhaps someone thought that thyroid and skin cancer were enough for me to have to deal with. i really was not worried about the results of the test,though. i was just afraid that things would snowball, and i would be having a biopsy,etc. like i said, i am sick, sick, sick of testing and would like to take a break from it for a while. my next thyroid ultrasound/blood work tests are in march- i will deal with those at that time.

i talked to a friend of mine the other day. she had breast cancer and i asked her how she was doing. she said that she was doing great, feeling great and for the first time in eight years she actually did not spend a part of every day thinking about having or having had, cancer. wow, that is my goal! i am not there yet, being a two year cancer survivor. i was looking forward to the  "the five year" all is clear, shout hooray, mark, but my endocrinologist spoiled it for me. when i asked her if the five year mark was the end of worry, so to speak, she said no, that  unfortunately she had a patient who had a recurrence after seven years. darn. this lady has to repeat the I-131 and add on a little radiation. i have not had the heart- even if she could/would tell me- how this patient is doing. my endocrinologist told me( she knows what a worry wart i am) that if my cancer does come back not to worry- " we will get it".

i started using my imagination and tried to figure out how they would "get it". perhaps a trap? what bait would they use? perhaps they could offer up my last two parathyroids- sorry, boys, someone has to do it. they took out eleven lymph nodes,too. i am still getting some salivary stones two years after my I-131 treatment. they cleared up for a while, but THEY'RE BACK! of course, i have to remind myself that the painful lumps in my jaw area are  just that-   salivary stones- and not the nasty thyroid cancer  cells invading my lymph nodes. i would feel more comfortable about my blood work  if i did not have thyroglobulin antibiodies. this condition is very confusing to me. i have read and re-read the section in " my favorite" thyroid cancer book by sara rosenthal. i even asked my endocrinologist about it. ( i actually pointed out the section in the book during my last visit with my endo) . my endo said, well, it says here your body makes the thyroglobulin antibiodies. o.k. i get that part- but where? why? is there a better blood test available for those lucky people like me who mysteriously manufacture those antibiodies? bless my endocrinologist. i know that i am a pain in the butt.

so i am not" one with my body" again. i do spend some part of most days thinking about my cancer. there, i admitted it. but i have so many great things going on in my life now. i have a wonderful family- including the cutest grandson on the planet- and there is my faith, of course, and last, but not least, Zumba! yes, that exercise class keeps me from totally losing it. i enjoy my work, most of the time, and i have some great friends. until the time i can truly say i am rid of, done with, over that, had enough of , etc, cancer , i will live my best life. whoops, sorry oprah. i think that you said that first.

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