Monday, April 9, 2012

" what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger... stand a little taller.... what does not kill you makes a fighter.... What does not kill you makes you stronger, stronger... Just me, myself and i. " Stronger ( what does not kill you makes you stronger) by Kelly Clarkson

i sure have heard those words a lot! i have also thought those words a lot. my last "testing week" brought it all home to me in a bad sort of way. i worked myself up ( so sure that something was wrong) and felt sorry for myself. all for nothing it seems. now, i do not feel sorry for myself for very long. i will not allow it. i still have not gotten my blood work test results back- i guess they are late because of the holidays. but my ultrasound was good, and that is a blessing. so this is behind me, i survived, and i hope that i am stronger because of it. my next ultrasound/blood work is scheduled for the end of september. i hope that i can handle it a little better-not get so upset about things. i should be back to regular  zumba classes  by then, so maybe that will help me de-stress a little.

speaking of zumba, no, i have not made my triumphant return as yet. i have about four weeks of physical therapy left, according to my physical therapist. i went today and she really put me through it! she strapped on a two pound weight to the ankle that is related to my bad knee and we all did some new exercises. plenty of ice packs and a little advil, and i am doing fine tonight. i have the chance to go again on wednesday, as this is my short week at work, so i get to do it again. kidding aside, this is really helping me- more than the cortisone shot, or anything else that i tried before this. i hope that no one who is reading my blog  has the need for physical therapy, but if you do, i highly recommend it. ( just make sure you stock up on ice packs)

i had a wonderful time seeing my children and of course, gabriel, my grandson, this weekend. gabriel is giving my husband and me some really good smiles and he is telling us stuff in baby-speak. mainly, coos and ahhs, but we get the general idea. i am still in the "wonder" phase of being a grandparent. you know, the " isn't he just the best thing ever" and " how did i get so lucky?" phase. of course, i absolutely conked out after they left. gabriel was not the only one ready for a nap!

to sum up the message in my blog: 1. have your tests done- be brave and just do it. 2. find your "zumba" and de-stress so that you will be happy. 3. enjoy your family and friends. enjoy your life. appreciate all of  the good things and remember to give good things back to others. 4. last, but not least, thank you to everyone that  reads my blog. whether you comment or not, you are important to me. i hope that by me  sharing my story , it  has helped you in some way. now THAT makes me happy!

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