Wednesday, August 3, 2011

do i look like i am glowing??

"the black dog barks at midnight", " when it rains, i prefer purple umbrellas", " the package has been delivered" in other words, i have swallowed the tracer capsule of the I-131. pardon my theatrics, but it just seems so surreal, like i am a character in a mystery/adventure novel or something.

so i got to the hospital early this morning. people who work there are getting to know me. i am making friends. anyway, i go straight to radiology, and wait a little while until they call me back. the radiology technician who has been working with me is very, very pregnant. i was really worried about her handing me the I-131 dose. i know it is a small dose, especially compared to the huge treatment dose that i received last year, but still. so she struggles in the door with "the dose" and a water bottle. i worriedly said, " uh, could i do that for you??" she said," oh, i am going to let you open the canister,etc. AFTER i leave the room." i was glad that  she had made that decision. i waited until she closed the door, then i picked up the canister. i am always amazed at how much it weighs! i mean, it is the size of a Campbell's tomato soup can, and it weighs about 5 pounds or more.the expressions : "lead foot" "get the lead out" take on all new meanings to me now.

so, i opened up the canister, and the walls were  solid except for a very small opening in the center. in the center, there was  a small glass vial. see why i am thinking" mission impossible" or something? i read the label( i can not help it- it is the pharmacist in me) to be sure that  i was  getting the correct drug/dose. sure enough, my name was  on the vial, with the dose of 3 milicuries- plus or minus 10 per cent. to compare, my treatment dose was 156 milicuries. yes, i know that this is a very small dose, and i am pretty sure i am not glowing, but i still am going to take some minor precautions. i realize that i am just " background radiation" at that dose, but i do not want to take any chances. i know that i am just being overly cautious,but no harm in that i think.

i drove straight home, and decided to take a nap. i had to have an empty stomach to take the dose, and was told not to have anything for an hour after my dose. i thought that i would just sleep a little to pass the time. i had the oddest dream,though. i dreamt that i was at a vending machine that contained shrink wrapped  packages of cheese-all kinds, and that i chose three packs( i am sure that mozzarella was one of them). beside the vending machine was a parking meter. a policeman told me that i needed to insert money into the parking meter and wait. i asked him if he was the cheese police, and he said of course. i guess everyone can figure that dream out.

i was talking to my daughter last night, and she did the sweetest thing. i told her that friday, after my scan and on the way down to her house, i was going to stop by whole foods and get some chocolate! she told me to go upstairs in my little office, and look behind the papers on my desk-the ones  near my bills. she knew i would not look there. what i found, was  two ( organic of course) " Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups"! my favorite. she had hidden them several weeks ago, when she was visiting. i am going to stash them in my pocketbook for friday. right now, i have them "hidden" in my top drawer. yes, i can wait until it is time to enjoy them. right now, i feel like  i am the queen of deferred gratification.

i will try to blog on friday about my scan, blood work, etc. but it might be later on in the weekend. thanks to all who have read this, especially those who  have made comments. i really appreciate your support!


  1. Oh Bea, your story reminders me so much when I had to have a radioactive die injected so they could try to see my parathyroid glands. After the scan I told everyone that I was glowing ha ha. Sometimes you got to have a little fun with all this radioactive stuff. How sweet of your daughter and Friday will be here very soon!!! Between your dream and your experience today I do see a very close similarity to the movie the Matrix, or Mission Impossible sort of thing.

  2. i agree with you! it is much better to laugh than to cry in my opinion, anyway. radioactive dye- wow. did that make you feel funny? like your skin was hot to the touch? i have heard that said before. anyway, glad your parathyroids are o.k. i only have two- two were cancerous and had to be removed , but you only need one to not be hypoparathyroid, so i have a spare, so to speak.they have to watch my calcium,though. it tends to run low. i try to take my calcium supplement- especially now,when i can not have dairy. this week-end,though, i intend to make up for that fact! have a great weekend and thanks for your comments.

  3. Wow! glad to hear you had a nice, capable nurse the 2nd time. Makes such a difference. Will be praying for you to have great results and a real "cheesy" weekend! Kudos to your daughter for hiding your chocolate for you. What a neat thing to do for someone who deserves it so much!
    love to you!

  4. I don't think it made me feel to warm. I was really nervous about it, but luckily I have a cousin who is a nuclear engineer so he helped me calm down quite a bit. Well as for my parathyroids, I am still not completely out of the clear my levels were very high, but have come down. They suspected cancer at first, but I think since then levels have come down not so much anymore. I go in at the end of August to get bloodwork again, and I am praying and hoping for normal results. Oh how I would love to be "normal", but well apparently I like a little drama in my life.