Saturday, January 11, 2014

there are no lyrics for this, that i know of, so those of you who remember playing the old computer game, The oregon trail, just hum the theme song- i'll explain later...

well, i went back to the urologist today for a follow up visit. i had been feeling a little better, so i thought that i would get a good check up. the doctor wanted to do another x ray. i did not think that i needed it, and i thought, it will probably be a waste of time, but what could it hurt? to be honest, i did not want to get any more radiation,though. with the huge dose of RAI that i got after my surgery, along with my latest CT scan( one CT scan is equal to 400 chest x rays!) i feel like i am positively glowing! and not in the good, ready for my close up, way.

anyway, to my amazement and horror, the doctor showed me my x ray, and there was Shirley D. Stone!
this is where the oregon trail game comes in. do you remember playing this on your old computer? my kids loved it, and played it so much that i still remember the theme song. we hardly ever got to oregon,though. i either shot myself in the foot ( or worse), there was a storm with  lightning ( a couple of chickens always died after this event) , or my wagon did not make it across the great river( a fitting analogy if i have ever heard one).  so Shirley D. Stone is trying to make it to oregon, and has been on the " trail" since thanksgiving. i feel just like my body is the map of the united states, and i have been tracking Shirley's every move.

i have drunk tons of sour lemonade, and i have been to zumba. i have been a very energetic dancer in zumba class. so much so that i strained a ligament in the back of my knee- which was really painful, and  has sidelined me for a while. tomorrow, i am going back to zumba and dance my heart( and hopefully shirley) out. i am going to take some ibuprofen before i go, and warm up on the recumbent bike so that with any luck, i will  not injure my knee again.  i still think that there is some connection between my salivary stones and this kidney stone. i have not ( yet ) found any evidence to prove it, it is just a feeling that i have. i had  gone a few months without my salivary stones flaring up, and then, boom, my jaw and face swelled up! was it a coincidence that i developed a kidney stone at the same time? as i said, i have no proof, but i will continue to investigate this issue.

so i have about a month to get shirley to oregon. if that does not happen,  i will have to go to the hospital for the "retrieval procedure" as well as having a stent inserted . honestly, i am dreading the stent- wearing it for about two weeks and then having it removed( without anesthesia) more so  than i am dreading  the hospital procedure. who knew that this trip would take so long?

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  1. Shirley is going to have to caulk up the wagon and float!