Saturday, December 8, 2012

How is everyone holding up?

this is such a hectic time of year! exciting, fun, reflective,but hectic. i started early on my Christmas " chores" this year, for once. but i still find myself worrying that i am getting behind on my schedule. this is an " every other" year for me. my husband and i have grown children- and one grandchild, of course, and we have to share their presence on holidays. we did not get to see them on thanksgiving this year, but Christmas is at our house! i am getting so excited about having everyone here at our house for the holidays. there is a lot of work- outside and inside that needs to be done before then, but my husband and i really enjoy getting everyone together. our grandson has been the "glue" that has kept our family  together after my dad passed away last year. it was a blessed event after our family tragedy.

depression is a serious result, or symptom of thyroid disease. this is sometimes magnified during the holidays. i miss my mom and dad so much, and i think about all of the happy times that we had together during holiday celebrations. sometimes people are embarrassed to admit that they are depressed. it is a medical condition, and as i mentioned, a symptom of untreated, or under- treated hypothyroidism. there is not any reason to be embarrassed to ask for help with this issue. talk therapy, exercise, a correct dose of thyroid medication can all help. if this fails, then anti-depressants can be helpful. think of it as having high blood pressure, or diabetes. it is a health condition that needs to be addressed and treated. i think that for the most part, people are understanding this and do seek treatment as they would for any other health related issue.

i can not stress enough how important getting enough sleep is! adequate sleep helps our immune system ( very important this time of the year!) and decreases the levels of cortisone in our bodies. increased cortisone can lead to a multitude of problems, ultimately leading to stress on our immune systems and perhaps making us vulnerable to disease. this news is flooding the magazines now, but i think that it is important. if we can do this one simple thing to improve our health, why not?

i started early this year, as i said, and it has made for a less stressful time for me. ( notice i did not say stress free). when i get too wound up, i think about what this time of year really means to me. family time, helping others less fortunate, and yes, taking care of myself so that i can care for my family. if i had one wish for everyone i would wish for more sleep for you, and a less stressful, but joyful holiday season. getting chores done is necessary, and can be fun, but take time for yourself. a bubble bath, reading a book, yes, even taking a zumba class should be on the top of your " to do" list. maybe i will see you there.

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