Wednesday, June 13, 2012

i'm b-b-a-a-a-c-c-k!!

i did not crash and burn in zumba tonight! it was only a 30 minute class ( for me) but i made it! several people welcomed me back, and i made a new friend and saw an old friend that i did not know was taking the class. the instructor gave me a welcome back hug. this is such a good class- see why i missed it?

the " no jumping" rule was hard to follow! i love to jump around, i guess, but i did not do it. and once or twice i started to do a move and my knee said " oh, no you don't!" so i just did something else. i may be rusty on some of the moves- but i am still the queen of booty shaking. we did some new songs tonight- new to me, i guess, since i have not been there since january. how i have missed those endorphins!! i was happy to be there and even happier by the time i left. i did the recumbent bike for 10 minutes before the class and for 10 minutes after like my p.t. advised. the recumbent bike is nice because it does not put any pressure( or much) on your knees. the motion helps to push fluid from behind your knees. i wish that i had known this before. i plan to warm up and cool down on the recumbent bike even after i get to do a full class.

i am going to class saturday- if my knee does o.k. the rest of the week. we only have zumba classes on some saturdays, so i do not want to miss one since i will be off. i am off next weekend,too. my daughter will be visiting, so i am hoping that we can go to that class together. my daughter is a ball of energy. she dances like i can only imagine! she moves body parts that i either do not still have, or never had to begin with. we laugh a lot, and it is one of the most enjoyable things that we do together. i have missed being able to go to some classes with her.

so, i have iced down my knee and taken some advil, just in case. hopefully, i will feel great tomorrow and i can get back on track. i have missed my "prozac-like" activity. i know that my family will be delighted that i am able to do  zumba again,too. which reminds me, i think that i need to order a few more belly scarves to celebrate.......


  1. So good to hear you are back to the zumba. I know you loved going. Just take it slow and easy. Don't want to re-injure that knee. My friend Elionora and I are signing up for a zumba class soon, and I am really looking forward to it after reading your experiences with it.

  2. thanks karen! i am still doing half classes, and warming up on the recumbent bike, before and after class. my last physical therapy is this wednesday and i really am going to miss it. i had a wonderful physical therapist, who really worked hard with me to get my knee back in order. because of pretty bad arthritis ( in both knees) i will not be able to do some things, but i can go to class and enjoy, as long as i take care of myself. i really hope that you and your friend love zumba! good luck!

  3. I'm sure we will love it. She and I always have a great time together. Right now we are going to an Ashtanga yoga classes and the class that is there just before ours is a Zumba class so we have watched it. It looks fun.

    Can you do some of the physical therapy exercises at home, to kind of replicate what the therapist had you doing? When I had my rotator cuff fixed the physical therapist gave me exercises to work on at home. It really helped.

    Best of luck to you too. I'm off now to read your next blog post!