Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"and i saddled up my horse, and i ride into the city. i make a lot of noise,cause the girls they are so pretty. riding up and down broadway on my old stud leroy, and the girls say : save a horse, ride a cowboy. what? what? save a horse, ride a cowboy" Save a horse, ride a cowboy, by big and rich

it is DAY THREE  on my LID, and no, i have not lost my mind(yet). last year at this time, i was recovering from my treatment dose of the I-131. i was isolated in my house- pacing around upstairs like a tragic figure in some novel. anyway, i was not sure if i would have the energy, while i am on the LID, to go to zumba class. i decided to give it a try. i told my friend that if i passed out, she should  just kick me to the side and zumba on!

the class started out very well. we did my favorite warm up number, and then- SALSA!! yeah! i own that song. what i lack in skill, i make up for in enthusiasm. anyway, before too long, i thought that i heard a different kind of song coming from the instructors i-pod. oh,no, it was a country western song. my friend told me,"uh, bea, you might want to close your mouth now, i think i saw a fly in here."

our zumba area is right in the middle of a big room, with only a waist high glass block wall surrounding our area. outside of that is the track, as well as an area filled with treadmills, rowing machines, etc. a lot of people use the track as well as the exercise equipment. it was pretty busy tonight, but when we got to the chorus of that song,the rowing machines and treadmills stopped. the ( rather elderly) men walking around the track stopped,too. i think that the moves we did to the " save a horse, ride a cowboy" part of the song are illegal in a few states. we also, to make matters worse, sang those lyrics. rather loudly, i should say. i would also have to say that our zumba class has not caused such a stir since we did the whole "thriller" routine last october. our instructor sure keeps things interesting.

i was glad that i could do zumba, and so far, my normal activities while on  a pretty limited diet. i keep a pack of unsalted, brown rice cakes at work- just in case i get light headed or something. i sure do not have to worry about any of my coworkers eating them. in fact, one of the guys i work with snickers every time i crunch into one. he says, " oh, are those gooooooood??" haha. i asked him if he wanted any, but so far it is a no go.

i have also made a discovery- well i will know for sure by the end of the diet. i think that i may just be ( horror of horrors) lactose intolerant! my stomach has not hurt since i have eliminated dairy from my diet. oh, well, maybe after i get off this diet, i will save dairy for the week-ends i am off or something. i was hoping that it was another food- maybe wheat- that was bothering me, but it seems to be the dairy. just what i needed- more dietary restrictions.

in the mean time, i am planning to go back to zumba on saturday. my daughter will be  visiting, and we are going to the class together. i just can not wait to see the look on my daughters face if the instructor plays "save a horse, ride a cowboy." i am just not sure if the two of us can keep a straight face while doing the routine. we will be following the first and only rule of zumba though, and that is to have fun!


  1. I just came across your blog. I had my thyroid removed this past September. I did not have thyroid cancer, I had/have hashimotos, nodules, and a goiter. I just recently started my own blog about being thyroidless, my intention is to just get info out, talk about exercise, nutrition, and just daily living without a thyroid. I actually blogged about Zumba today as well, so what a coincidence that I came across your blog. I too am wondering if I am lactose intolerant because I have been having stomach problems. A friend of mine just had her first RAI treatment. It sounds like you are having another treatment? Hang in there!!

  2. Hey Bea, glad to hear you're doing well on your LID. Loved your zumba story, you go, girl!
    Just had my every 6 month Endo appt yesterday w/great results. He suggested lowering my thyroid meds but I told him I don't want to gain weight or nap more so he said he'll give it another 6 months. It's so great to be 3 years cancer free! Can't wait to hear of your good report when this sucky diet is over for you.
    We switched to raw milk from a local dairy and my husband tolerates it w/o needing the lactose pills. Hope you can still have ice cream!!
    Take good care, and thanks for the laughter!

  3. thanks so much for your comments! to janelle b: if you would be so kind as to give me the name of your blog, i would love to read it. i think that i would have gone crazy without this blog. i sure hope that it has helped some people- it sure has helped me. and good luck to you as well.

    to bobette: so good to hear about your great check-up!! yeah!! my ex- doctor from duke wanted to cut my thyroid med dose too! i about freaked out! luckily, my old endo has no intentions of doing that as yet. i am feeling about as good as i could, i think, so i sure do not want to go down on my dose, either. i hope that you are having a good summer, and take care!

  4. I loved your zumba story. I can just picture it. It must have been hilarious.

    I hope LID is going well (as well as can be expected) It will all be over soon and you can go back to eating normally- although I know you are considering going lactose free.

    My doctor said I will have to take the suppressive dose of Synthroid for life, to keep the cancer from returning.

    I hope the LID goes past quickly, and your tests come out good. Talk to you later,

  5. Bea I just read your comment. The name
    Of my blog is Adventures of a Thyroidless Girl.

    I still have se backtracking I need to do to complete my story. You are so right even though I started my blog not to long ago I really feel like it is helping me overcome my obstacles. You know just to out my thoughts out there :) I think it is awesome that there are so many of us out there and yes it is inspiring :)