Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Thank you for letting me be myself, AGAIN..." Sly and the family stone

i am writing this blog today to thank all of the people who read this. because of your support and comments my blog has been chosen as one of the " 50 Inspirational Cancer Survivor Blogs." the entire list can be found on the the website called : " A hearty blog". on this website they list blogs about different types of cancer.  i started out writing this blog to help myself deal with my cancer- an outlet of sorts. then, i realized that perhaps i could offer support and information to others. Mary Shomon , who is the host of the website, "About" was gracious enough to mention me and my blog in one of her articles. from that, i was able to get the word out on my blog and connect with several others dealing with thyroid cancer. i just can not tell you how much it means to me to have contact with others who have thyroid cancer. your support has been a lifeline to me. i sincerely hope that i have helped you- by sharing my experiences and information.

at work one day this past week, someone said to me: "bea, you have changed. you are more authoritative, you really take charge!" i just laughed. i think that i have changed( as have most cancer patients i have talked to). but it is a good thing. i realize now more than ever  what is really important; i make decisions in a different way now. i speak my mind- though with a concern for others, i hope. well, except for the woman who thought she could take over my space in zumba class! lets just say she moved to another spot- she came in late and SHOULD have gone to the back. i stood up for myself and really stood my ground!

jokes aside, i have a different perspective on just about everything. when i have the talk with my endocrinologist next month- the one about me finding a new doctor, i know that it will not be easy. but i have to consider what is best for my health. it concerns me and my family- they are counting on me to do my best to beat this cancer and stay healthy. i sure am trying my best! i am looking forward to documenting the new testing procedures and maybe treatment that i will be receiving in April and May.  perhaps one of you will want to check into something that i will be doing. i will write about everything in detail and will gladly accept and answer any questions that i can.

until then, many thanks to everyone for their support and care. and i hope that all of us can be "ourselves" again!!


  1. Great news Bea! Congratulations. You are making a difference in other people's lives. It happened-You can't change that-BUT you can take it and while fighting and healing it, use it to make your life and other peoples lives better.

    Thank you for writing your blog. I look forward to it and check a couple of times a week to see what you have written.

  2. thank you so much. you know, i almost stopped writing this blog. i was afraid that i did not have anything more to say that would be helpful to anyone. but, comments like yours really have help encourage me to continue on. i really do enjoy it and of course i treasure feedback like yours.thanks again!